A Guide About To Mandatory Door Furniture Hardware

Doors and Cabinet handles

There are Numerous of Different kinds of handles available on markets such as Georgian Styles to Lever on black plate and rose handles, Antique Georgian styles, Glass Door handles, etc. If you want to Georgian, Victorian or modern contemporary so you can choose lever on black handles that will be providing it. Also lever or rose given a traditional and modern look of your doors with perfect finishing from polished stainless steel, brass, chrome, nickel and etc. There is another option available such as antique door handles. Also, some manufacturers available in developing style, elite, Yale and uric handles. Antique black or Georgian style door handles have also proved popular.

Door hardware

Door Closers:

There are many different types of door closer available on markets such as a manual door closer, automatic door closer, hydraulic door closer, etc. Today’s every person selecting an overhead door closer that will be used for the process of opening and closing the door. There are numerous Door Closer Exporter available in markets so you have much option for the right choice. Popular brands include Eclipse, Dorgard and Briton. They are available in packs of 1, 1-4 and 5+.

Hinges and Latches

Hinges and latches very small but plays an important role in the finishes. There are various types of hinges available on the market include parliament and watered hinges. That usually holds one edge of the door to the frame. Latched mostly comes in Chrome and brass polishes such as tubular, flat, roller bolt and double sprung. That’s allows a door to be fastened internally without requiring an external handle.


It’s a mandatory aspect of home furniture planning because without security your money is west, which one you spend into furniture fittings. There is much hardware available in the market, which one provides full security of your family, such as locks, rim locks, night latches, Drawer knobs, door chains and euro locks. Including sofa legs that will protect to any types of damage into tiles. Etc.

Door hardware also includes two different products is letter boxes and numerals. Letter boxes called as mail slots. They are available in all design and shapes of all colors including red, black, white, silver, gold. Numerals comes are in single, double and triple back plate. They are usually bought in packs of 1. When you are picking someone interior hardware product then considers all things such as design, style, and color. Never choose first you have seen because there are lots of manufacturers offers a wide range of quality product at affordable rates.

Since 2007, Raj Steel Industries are Global Manufacturers and Exporter of Interior hardware product in India. We have specialized in Door Handle Manufacturers, Door Closer, Drawer Knobs, Curtain Brackets, Cupboard handles, cabinet handles, Sofa legs, stainless steel handles and bathroom accessories as per client requirements. Ultimately, you should have door decorated by an interior expert in order to find which one product is suitable for your requirements.