Door Handle Manufacturers in India are Concentrating on Best Quality, Designs and Affordable Prices

There are frequent instances of home renovation, office revamp and new theme based interior decoration than previous times. With this, the competition between the door handle manufacturers has increased furiously. All the hardware manufacturers wants to become the best in their respective categories, where the manufacturers who are in different categories like door handles, main door handles, glass door handles, mortise door handles, etc. want to lead the industry by being the best door handle manufacturers.

Door Handles

When you are planning to give your home or office a fresh look and still want to do at the cost of modest budget, you can go for changing the accessories like Door Knobs, Cabinet Handles, Glass Door Handles, etc and sun mica, instead of changing the whole interior. Not only will this elevate the look of your interior, but it will sincerely fit to your budget and go on the extent of saving few bucks more than you expected. What else you could wish for.

If you are willing to spend as much is needed to revive the look of your interior, you will have lots of options and varieties of door handles to choose from. Also, there are lots of options available in types of doors which are available. There are doors available like glass doors, metal doors, wooden doors, combined (glass cum wooden) doors. The type of door handle will depend on what type of door are you installing.

As per the trends, glass doors are widely installed in offices. Where there are multiple cabins and cluttered space. The interior decorators play with the transparency of glass to give the pseudo feeling of large space in the cluttered space. On the glass door, glass door handles, which are designed specially to match and manage the fragility of glass, are installed. Some of the office owners choose the combined doors, with half wood half glass proportions. For them, the type of door handles is different. For all the types of doors in offices, the mortise handles are best suitable as they are designed with lock mechanism.

As far as the home interior is concerned, there are different types of door handles which are installed in different rooms. The main door of the house is given due importance for exhibiting taste and indulgence. Hence, there is a special range of main door handles available in the market. Other rooms like kids room, bedroom, store room, etc. have their own varieties. Kids’ room door handles are often designed in the cartoon characters and are excluded from the locks. The bedroom and store room handles are often the door knobs which come with the two sided locks.

As you see, there are many options for the door handles. All the varieties of door handles, i.e. main door handles, mortise handles, Door Closer, Sofa legs, door knobs, glass Door Handles Manufacturers by India based Door Handle Manufacturers called RAJ STEEL INDIA. For the best quality and affordable door handles, remember to visit You can get full inquiry by mailing you requirements on

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