What to keep in Mind While Choosing Different Door Handles?

As everything else, the interior decoration concepts have undergone sea-change. From the traditional designs to ultra modern interior themes, you may observe wide variety of hardware fittings and fixtures. There are few accessories like door handles, door fittings, door closer, cabinet handles, curtain brackets, door mortise handles, etc. which can accentuate the aesthetics of your home. What are the qualities of the best door handles? Where can I find door handles and other such hardware fittings online? If you have these and other such questions in mind, let us discuss the variety of door handles available.

glass door handles      glass door handles1

The door handles have under it the wide variety depending on the location and importance of the door. If you scan the hardware market, there are door handles such as main door handles, Glass Door Handles, mortise handles, door knobs, etc. segregated on the basis of where it has to be installed. When we think about door handles, there may be many types of pictures coming in our mind. That of latches, knobs, bars, etc. The main purpose of handle is to facilitate the push and pull of the door while opening and closing it. But, the door handle manufacturers have treated the door handles as a point to lift the look of the doors and offered artistic designs and modern concepts. Let us understand the door handles according to their categories.

Main door handles are one thing that has been given great importance by the interior decorators these days. The main entrance doors are big and artistic, so are the main door handles. The main door handles are mostly manufactured from the best of the durable materials such as copper, brass, cast brass, aluminium sheets, metal sheet, wood, etc. The specific feature of the main door handles is that they come in artistic design. They are designed so because they can easily exhibit the taste and indulgence of the home owners and office owners.

The other types of handles are glass door handles. The glass is very prevalent in the interior decoration these days. We can often find the offices and some parts of houses like porch door, gallery door, etc. which have glass doors. Glass is very fragile substance to handle, so the handles to be installed on such doors are designed to overcome the fragility and careful handling of glass door while opening and closing it. The glass door handles are mostly made of stainless steel and such alloys. The silver glass door handles lifts the look of glass door and are highly preferred by home and office owners.

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