3 Types of Door Handles you Must Know before Buying Hardware Accessories

Whenever we decide to design the interior of our house, either we rely on the interior decorator or we quickly go through what hardware stores owners show us and select a random piece of hardware to our homes. But, on the contrary, if you dedicate little time and efforts in choosing hardware accessories like door handles, cabinet handles, drawer pull knobs, etc. you will be able to make a lot of difference in giving new best look or changing the interior at the minimal cost.

However, we may notice that there are many doors in our house. The key aspect about this is that the doors are located at different rooms. You can use different types of door handles in different rooms and give the different and appealing look to your home while saving on the costs. Once you are convinced with this, next thing you will need to about the types of handles available in the hardware market for your homes. Let us go through the types of Door Handle Manufacturers and understand their specialties

    1. Main Door Handles – Main doors are very important part as far as interior designing is concerned. The interior designers give special attention on the main doors aesthetics because it is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors. Therefore, main door handles are designed in attractive and intricate designs. But, because they are the main door handles the security aspect is also taken care by the main door handle manufacturers.


    1. Glass Door Handles – You may see the extensive use of glass to make doors in offices and homes nowadays. The glass doors looks both classy and user friendly in the buildings. Technically, they extend the space due to their transparency. But, the glass is very fragile material and therefore regular handles may not be appropriate. Therefore, you must use the specified Glass Door Handles for your glass backyard doors or bathroom cabinets.


    1. Mortise Handles – Mortise handles are the handles with the lock. They are designed having internal lock system. It is very helpful in the bedroom and offices doors. Apart from this, they are used in public buildings like hotels, museums, etc. In the offices you may find the doors of cabins, pantry, etc. with mortise handles. This type of handle is rampant in use these days and is extremely safe security-wise.


These are the three main types of door handles; each has numerous variants. If you want to see the latest designs of the door handles, visit the online store of Raj Steel – Home Discovery Furniture Fittings. Raj Steel are the door handle manufacturers who opt for affordable and yet best quality of hardware and door handles.

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