How to Choose Door Handles For Elegance of your Home Furniture

When you’re Planning To Searching For The Perfect Door handles & Hardware For Your Home or Office Then You have Most Likely Realized Fairly Quickly That there are Numerous of Design, shape, size available of Handles That You have to select From. It is a big task For but Not Impossible. You Can Choose Best Hardware From Online or Offline Hardware Store.


Make Decision by yourself is not a bad idea for you to your selection and ensures that you not earn the only hardware product that is nice but also practical. There are numerous Store Available of Door Handle Manufacturers for your Hardware Solutions. You can explore & get ideas From Retailer or wholesaler store.

The First You should Figure out what is your Budget for your Decoration Project. There are Wide ranges Available of All Interior Hardware Product So you must be sure how much money affords for that project.

Sometimes Some products that are focused to be better than others. So you can first find which manufacturer offers a best Designer Quality product. Quality is the most important aspect and then design. Quality Handles Comes to costly better than Simple like Stainless steel but Give a big impact.

Here many Common Door Hardware Accessories When it comes to Decor Door of office or Home such as Stoppers, Door Closer, Knobs, Kadi, handles, aldrop, etc. Before you pick learns about some hardware manufacturers such as Raj Steel Industries, its good ideas for getting perfect elements. Raj steel Industries providing a high quality handle with Attractive Design & Styles. You Can Easily View All information about the Hardware at Raj Steel Industries website, also get the best prices for your favorite one.

We Looking Good Looks while doing it so Spending Too Time for Looking Handles is not waste time. It’s a very small element but play a big role in the home decoration project. Never can You Deal With manufacturers before you know everything about your deals. Because Best and Perfect elements are very important for that job. For Explore Kitchen Cabinet Handles, Bathroom Accessories Manufacturers call at +91 9825428326 or send an inquiry from Website Contact page For More ideas about Furniture Fittings.

3 Types of Door Handles you Must Know before Buying Hardware Accessories

Whenever we decide to design the interior of our house, either we rely on the interior decorator or we quickly go through what hardware stores owners show us and select a random piece of hardware to our homes. But, on the contrary, if you dedicate little time and efforts in choosing hardware accessories like door handles, cabinet handles, drawer pull knobs, etc. you will be able to make a lot of difference in giving new best look or changing the interior at the minimal cost.

However, we may notice that there are many doors in our house. The key aspect about this is that the doors are located at different rooms. You can use different types of door handles in different rooms and give the different and appealing look to your home while saving on the costs. Once you are convinced with this, next thing you will need to about the types of handles available in the hardware market for your homes. Let us go through the types of Door Handle Manufacturers and understand their specialties

    1. Main Door Handles – Main doors are very important part as far as interior designing is concerned. The interior designers give special attention on the main doors aesthetics because it is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors. Therefore, main door handles are designed in attractive and intricate designs. But, because they are the main door handles the security aspect is also taken care by the main door handle manufacturers.


    1. Glass Door Handles – You may see the extensive use of glass to make doors in offices and homes nowadays. The glass doors looks both classy and user friendly in the buildings. Technically, they extend the space due to their transparency. But, the glass is very fragile material and therefore regular handles may not be appropriate. Therefore, you must use the specified Glass Door Handles for your glass backyard doors or bathroom cabinets.


    1. Mortise Handles – Mortise handles are the handles with the lock. They are designed having internal lock system. It is very helpful in the bedroom and offices doors. Apart from this, they are used in public buildings like hotels, museums, etc. In the offices you may find the doors of cabins, pantry, etc. with mortise handles. This type of handle is rampant in use these days and is extremely safe security-wise.


These are the three main types of door handles; each has numerous variants. If you want to see the latest designs of the door handles, visit the online store of Raj Steel – Home Discovery Furniture Fittings. Raj Steel are the door handle manufacturers who opt for affordable and yet best quality of hardware and door handles.

What to keep in Mind While Choosing Different Door Handles?

As everything else, the interior decoration concepts have undergone sea-change. From the traditional designs to ultra modern interior themes, you may observe wide variety of hardware fittings and fixtures. There are few accessories like door handles, door fittings, door closer, cabinet handles, curtain brackets, door mortise handles, etc. which can accentuate the aesthetics of your home. What are the qualities of the best door handles? Where can I find door handles and other such hardware fittings online? If you have these and other such questions in mind, let us discuss the variety of door handles available.

glass door handles      glass door handles1

The door handles have under it the wide variety depending on the location and importance of the door. If you scan the hardware market, there are door handles such as main door handles, Glass Door Handles, mortise handles, door knobs, etc. segregated on the basis of where it has to be installed. When we think about door handles, there may be many types of pictures coming in our mind. That of latches, knobs, bars, etc. The main purpose of handle is to facilitate the push and pull of the door while opening and closing it. But, the door handle manufacturers have treated the door handles as a point to lift the look of the doors and offered artistic designs and modern concepts. Let us understand the door handles according to their categories.

Main door handles are one thing that has been given great importance by the interior decorators these days. The main entrance doors are big and artistic, so are the main door handles. The main door handles are mostly manufactured from the best of the durable materials such as copper, brass, cast brass, aluminium sheets, metal sheet, wood, etc. The specific feature of the main door handles is that they come in artistic design. They are designed so because they can easily exhibit the taste and indulgence of the home owners and office owners.

The other types of handles are glass door handles. The glass is very prevalent in the interior decoration these days. We can often find the offices and some parts of houses like porch door, gallery door, etc. which have glass doors. Glass is very fragile substance to handle, so the handles to be installed on such doors are designed to overcome the fragility and careful handling of glass door while opening and closing it. The glass door handles are mostly made of stainless steel and such alloys. The silver glass door handles lifts the look of glass door and are highly preferred by home and office owners.

To browse the exciting range of door handles, you may visit Custom Door Handle Manufacturers Company. The most renowned and reliable hardware manufacturers in India are Rajsteel Hardware. If you want to clarify your queries or ask for the quotes, you can send them an email on info(@)rajsteel(.)co(.)in. You can also fill their inquiry form and get their prompt response.

Door Handle Manufacturers in India are Concentrating on Best Quality, Designs and Affordable Prices

There are frequent instances of home renovation, office revamp and new theme based interior decoration than previous times. With this, the competition between the door handle manufacturers has increased furiously. All the hardware manufacturers wants to become the best in their respective categories, where the manufacturers who are in different categories like door handles, main door handles, glass door handles, mortise door handles, etc. want to lead the industry by being the best door handle manufacturers.

Door Handles

When you are planning to give your home or office a fresh look and still want to do at the cost of modest budget, you can go for changing the accessories like Door Knobs, Cabinet Handles, Glass Door Handles, etc and sun mica, instead of changing the whole interior. Not only will this elevate the look of your interior, but it will sincerely fit to your budget and go on the extent of saving few bucks more than you expected. What else you could wish for.

If you are willing to spend as much is needed to revive the look of your interior, you will have lots of options and varieties of door handles to choose from. Also, there are lots of options available in types of doors which are available. There are doors available like glass doors, metal doors, wooden doors, combined (glass cum wooden) doors. The type of door handle will depend on what type of door are you installing.

As per the trends, glass doors are widely installed in offices. Where there are multiple cabins and cluttered space. The interior decorators play with the transparency of glass to give the pseudo feeling of large space in the cluttered space. On the glass door, glass door handles, which are designed specially to match and manage the fragility of glass, are installed. Some of the office owners choose the combined doors, with half wood half glass proportions. For them, the type of door handles is different. For all the types of doors in offices, the mortise handles are best suitable as they are designed with lock mechanism.

As far as the home interior is concerned, there are different types of door handles which are installed in different rooms. The main door of the house is given due importance for exhibiting taste and indulgence. Hence, there is a special range of main door handles available in the market. Other rooms like kids room, bedroom, store room, etc. have their own varieties. Kids’ room door handles are often designed in the cartoon characters and are excluded from the locks. The bedroom and store room handles are often the door knobs which come with the two sided locks.

As you see, there are many options for the door handles. All the varieties of door handles, i.e. main door handles, mortise handles, Door Closer, Sofa legs, door knobs, glass Door Handles Manufacturers by India based Door Handle Manufacturers called RAJ STEEL INDIA. For the best quality and affordable door handles, remember to visit You can get full inquiry by mailing you requirements on

A Guide About To Mandatory Door Furniture Hardware

Doors and Cabinet handles

There are Numerous of Different kinds of handles available on markets such as Georgian Styles to Lever on black plate and rose handles, Antique Georgian styles, Glass Door handles, etc. If you want to Georgian, Victorian or modern contemporary so you can choose lever on black handles that will be providing it. Also lever or rose given a traditional and modern look of your doors with perfect finishing from polished stainless steel, brass, chrome, nickel and etc. There is another option available such as antique door handles. Also, some manufacturers available in developing style, elite, Yale and uric handles. Antique black or Georgian style door handles have also proved popular.

Door hardware

Door Closers:

There are many different types of door closer available on markets such as a manual door closer, automatic door closer, hydraulic door closer, etc. Today’s every person selecting an overhead door closer that will be used for the process of opening and closing the door. There are numerous Door Closer Exporter available in markets so you have much option for the right choice. Popular brands include Eclipse, Dorgard and Briton. They are available in packs of 1, 1-4 and 5+.

Hinges and Latches

Hinges and latches very small but plays an important role in the finishes. There are various types of hinges available on the market include parliament and watered hinges. That usually holds one edge of the door to the frame. Latched mostly comes in Chrome and brass polishes such as tubular, flat, roller bolt and double sprung. That’s allows a door to be fastened internally without requiring an external handle.


It’s a mandatory aspect of home furniture planning because without security your money is west, which one you spend into furniture fittings. There is much hardware available in the market, which one provides full security of your family, such as locks, rim locks, night latches, Drawer knobs, door chains and euro locks. Including sofa legs that will protect to any types of damage into tiles. Etc.

Door hardware also includes two different products is letter boxes and numerals. Letter boxes called as mail slots. They are available in all design and shapes of all colors including red, black, white, silver, gold. Numerals comes are in single, double and triple back plate. They are usually bought in packs of 1. When you are picking someone interior hardware product then considers all things such as design, style, and color. Never choose first you have seen because there are lots of manufacturers offers a wide range of quality product at affordable rates.

Since 2007, Raj Steel Industries are Global Manufacturers and Exporter of Interior hardware product in India. We have specialized in Door Handle Manufacturers, Door Closer, Drawer Knobs, Curtain Brackets, Cupboard handles, cabinet handles, Sofa legs, stainless steel handles and bathroom accessories as per client requirements. Ultimately, you should have door decorated by an interior expert in order to find which one product is suitable for your requirements.

How to Give New Look to Your Doors Using Affordable Door Accessories?

Door Handles and Knobs are mainly installed for easy opening and closing of doors. Not only this, they also create a big impact in the aesthetics of home. Using elegant door handles and knobs enhances the interior beauty of your home and impresses the visitors and onlookers. There are many interior manufacturers in markets with their artistic products and luring brochures full of information. But before buying the door accessories, insist to follow the tips mentioned here.

Door Handles Manufacturers

Home furniture accessories are small but important part of the interior which makes difference. You may select the simple door within affordable budget. But installing the artistic Glass door handles onto the simple door creates such a huge impact to the door. The door handles manufacturers use metals such as chrome, stainless steel, wood and aluminum for manufacturing door accessories. The door handles manufactured in countries such as Portugal, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc. are very famous in hardware industry. The door handles are available in various dimensions such as round knobs, curvy designs, square or rectangle bar, etc. Some manufacturers offers the customize designs in the door handles and knobs according to clients requirement.

The door handles with chrome finish are particularly very much preferred by customers as they are attractive and durable. Different types of home decor accessories are available in online and offline interior hardware stores. Some door handles manufacturers offer a wide range high quality products at affordable rates. Therefore, before buying any accessory, go for adequate research of options in the market. Apart from this, there are many pull handles used in houses. Pub style pull handles are quite famous among western countries. They are made in the smooth durable designs to bear the heavy usage of opening and closing and are offset to one side of the back plate.

Once you choose the best suitable door handle for your doors, installation steps in. The installation of interior products is very easy and simple. If you want to replace your door handles or kitchen cabinet handles, you must need simpler tools such as screw driver. Unwinding the screw of the existing door handles and replacing it with a new handle is just the trick. Neither you need to call and spend on a technician, nor need you to give much time on the simplest task like this. Try this in the kitchen or bathroom. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what difference it makes.

Raj Steel Industries is one of the best #1 Home decoration hardware manufacturers and Exporter Company of India. Since 2007, we are famous as Door Closer Exporter, Door handles manufacturers and known for our Sofa legs Suppliers, Drawer Knobs, Curtain Brackets, Cupboard handles Glass Door handles, Bathroom Fitting Accessories, Bath Fittings India, and Stainless Steel Handles.

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